Sunday, 11 January 2015

Small World, Big Thinking

I doubt if God has made a mistake at the time of his creation because he has created small earth for the people with big thinking. The earth could have been the biggest among all the planets and the star, then the place where the human being exist could have become similar to the thinking capacities of the people. 

Every man has a positive energy that transfers to another person while discussing, interacting and sharing the ideas. The individual with limited skill also has a kind ‘Heart’ which empowers the lives of many through personal or joined efforts. God has made very different kind of heart to each one of us to express the affection towards others. The affections such as love, care, empathy and concern for the fellow being is expressed by people completely different from person to person. That may be the reason; no scientist could define a unit to measure the heart of human being. The heart is like a sky which stretches as much as it can and withdraws to a size of human brain.

There is a huge gap between the nomadic way of life style to the so called ‘3rd Generation’ which was evolved due to the high thinking capabilities of many intelligent people whose thoughts and ideas can never me measured. A person at the age of 10 can imagine a life of teenager and an old age man can reflect his/her childhood for hours if he/she loves to go back to the old memories.

The children at Banyan Community School are coming from very poor family background of uneducated parents, life of poverty strikes, unskilled parents, migrants and unstructured family life. After joining the Banyan Community School, the children started to travel ahead of their times and age. They aspire to become someone who is a role model for the upcoming generation or create a land mark in their life by achieving a successful career. Unfortunately, there is a huge gap to reach to their destination due to financial crisis and lack of support from the parents. Each one of us can build a stepping stone for them through our supports and extended hands.

Now I realize, God is the master mind of all of us by creating small human beings with a heart which can enlarge according to the convenience of each one of us. The control of our heart is in our hand, the decision has to be made in enlarging or shrinking in the small brains of each one of us.

If not now, then when, if not here, then where, if not me then who???

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