Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Under the Shades of Banyan Community School

   The concept of four walls, long verandas, timely intervals and play grounds will be an ever cherishing memory in the minds of anyone. The “Best Moments of life” quoted by many who are even at the edges of death loves to sip the school days for a moment. The stories of school life never end as long as the generations continues in the world. Each chair in the school has got a long story to tell the world, the stories of fun. Joy, anger, pain and friendship.  There were moments to run away from the school, skip the classes, copy the assignments of the friends, steal the book of friends, share the lunch with the best friends, and to imitate the class teacher, but none of us can act as the same with the fame we earned, the money we allocated, the status we build in the society.
  The children from Anagalpura village start experiencing the prescribed school life after the establishment of Banyan Community High School at Anagalpura, which is focused on providing quality education to the under privileged and orphans children. The origin of Banyan Community School made them realize the value of education, structured life style, systematic learning environment and holistic development of each child.

   The school makes necessary arrangements for a child to have a healthy and strong childhood through monthly health check up campaigns, 3 times meals such as morning snacks and nutrition drink, midday meal and evening snacks to make the child active throughout the day. Team Lovedale Foundation know the value of each bowl of rice provided to the children and the needy population at school. The smile over take the hunger of a child when he or she arrives at Banyan Community School, it looks after each and every child under the shades of Banyan.  There is no discrimination on the grounds of caste, creed, religion or race, all are equally valued and respected as the leaves of its branches. 

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