Friday, 24 July 2015

“Live as you are going to die tomorrow, Learn as you were going to live forever”. M K Gandhi

Blog concept by
 Lovedale child Devraj 
          Human beings are the greatest living beings to learn and live well in every extreme condition by fitting themselves and adapting the source from it.  Learning is everything as multiple things can happen in each aspect life that would make them live under any circumstances. Lot of learning happen daily through observation, understanding and become masters of certain knowledge. The process of learning or understanding may be small or big but the optimal use of knowledge for a result oriented task is significance for over all round development of a conscious body or mind which can be measured with the speed and accuracy of the task result.

         The theory of gravity was discovered by Newton by observing the fall of an apple from a tree. The people with search for reason and quick response to the veiling concepts often derive into a new theory though several people have observed the fall of an apple from the tree. Reasoning is the flower that blooms but never dies. Enthusiastic people in learning pave way for others and support them with a broader outlook towards everything. The greatest value in learning is to make other understand your concept, so that the learner becomes either your follower or a thinker with diverse understanding of the same concept. Giving and receiving are the two sides of same coin; learning broadens a person’s understanding but sharing delivers a platform to think tank. Therefore, let’s become a good learner by sharing our thoughts with others and make the world a better place to live.