Friday, 23 January 2015

Opportunity Never Knocks the Door.

The mind is a blank document, each lines are written by our expertise, thoughts and desires. Few lines may be erased and extra thoughts are added in the margins of previous pages with random experiences. The thought process that takes place in the human mind within a fraction of seconds, but the ability to execute the thoughts may take a while. The action is depends upon the quick response of the body to the desired action.

We gained expertise through knowledge, observation and proper understanding of the reality and the world around us. Innovative thoughts were never existed, the ideas were derived through a careful and systematic understanding of the outcome and dynamic execution of the thought.

The students at Banyan Community School are vibrant, innovative and thoughtful in all the aspects of life. The value added skill development programs and life skill education develop an understanding of the current behaviour and action among the society.

The students are blessed with the innovative ideas and ability to express. But, they lack with the platform to express it to a larger audience due to financial constrains and under privileged background. The students have a capacity to utilize the maximum opportunities within school with the help of volunteers and committed staffs. The opportunities never knocks the door, the doors of Banyan School students are always open for the opportunities.

As an entrepreneur, business man or working in any streams of work, if you find any opportunity for the school going children, please contact us in 080-65908001 / 

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