Monday, 21 September 2015

Thought Oriented Actions

Every day has pages of story to tell, every action conveys the interest of the person, every face reflects millions of experiences.  Each moment of life is accompanied with millions of body movements which are directed by the stipulated thinking process. Thousands of foot step leads to a unit of length which makes a man to walk miles. Every face reflects thousands of experiences which deliver the melancholic end of an expression. Every day is unique and different from in its dimension moreover the day seems to be shorter due to busy (flow of million thoughts within a stipulated time) and extra large due to blockage of thought process due to stagnant emotions.

 The person who is at the starting point of a running race is directed by a single emotion, single thought and focused body movements which deliver the best outcome in the running race. The disintegration of the organized action may occur due to diversion of thoughts and over stress on the body movements. One can reach to the maximum only by withdrawing the mismatching thoughts and regulating the flow of action because the thoughts are delivered into action.

The over reaction to the emotions through down into depression which is unappealing to the normal way of behaviour. As long as one travel to the extremes of a thought, the intensity of unwanted thoughts frozen the active mind.

NB: Each images in this write up conveys a lot of expression, flow of thoughts, body movements, focused action, extremes of diversion of minds and an unanticipated outcome. Watch closely and know the movement…….

Friday, 7 August 2015

Life is like a bicycle; to have a balance, you need to keep moving – Albert Einstein

Success is the milestones which everyone aspires to acquire. In order to be successful in life, one needs to inculcate the value based ingredients in life. The righteousness, strong determination and unending hard work convert you as a successful man in life. Success is like a tree in which the roots are strongly bounded in the earth and the branches are raising its hands towards the sky. A man becomes successful with proper direction in terms of their perception, understanding and attitude which pave way for different dimensions to reach the goal. The action oriented skill setting and well defined planning directs a man into successful completion of the action. Opportunities knock your door rarely but the utmost need to impress people with primary actions is realistic.

        Accomplishing success is not an easy task, heartfelt realities and painful experience accompany on your way to success. While occurring these hardships and criticism from strangers and most loved ones, the strong passion and dedication to your work help you to choose if need to walk forward or go back to preconditioned setting. Tremendous experiments and proper allocation of time attract us to choose the best skill set to be perfect and succeed in real time. Self-love, respect and celebration of each life moment procure the best feelings of succession in every action in life.

Friday, 24 July 2015

“Live as you are going to die tomorrow, Learn as you were going to live forever”. M K Gandhi

Blog concept by
 Lovedale child Devraj 
          Human beings are the greatest living beings to learn and live well in every extreme condition by fitting themselves and adapting the source from it.  Learning is everything as multiple things can happen in each aspect life that would make them live under any circumstances. Lot of learning happen daily through observation, understanding and become masters of certain knowledge. The process of learning or understanding may be small or big but the optimal use of knowledge for a result oriented task is significance for over all round development of a conscious body or mind which can be measured with the speed and accuracy of the task result.

         The theory of gravity was discovered by Newton by observing the fall of an apple from a tree. The people with search for reason and quick response to the veiling concepts often derive into a new theory though several people have observed the fall of an apple from the tree. Reasoning is the flower that blooms but never dies. Enthusiastic people in learning pave way for others and support them with a broader outlook towards everything. The greatest value in learning is to make other understand your concept, so that the learner becomes either your follower or a thinker with diverse understanding of the same concept. Giving and receiving are the two sides of same coin; learning broadens a person’s understanding but sharing delivers a platform to think tank. Therefore, let’s become a good learner by sharing our thoughts with others and make the world a better place to live. 

Monday, 16 March 2015

‘Power to Change’


Every action has a subordinate reaction and the reaction is caused by a proper reason. Man has been identified as a reasonable being which separate them from all the living beings. But often I feel like man can be called as affective animal with the very fact that the reasonable actions are carried out with a feeling or emotion. Whereas an animal like cat is sensible at the same time affective. For example, when it drinks the milk from the kitchen it observes the surroundings and people at home and it also shows its affection by crying, rolling around, stretching its nails and attacking the enemy. But cat doesn’t think as much as a man think and act, it produce automatic response to save/escape from the danger. Where as a man who is in danger thinks several ways to escape with his untold ideas to protect himself and save the body from harms.

The sun, which gives light to the whole world, thinks of why does it shed light to the world, still it continues because sun knows the purpose of its life is to give light to the world and enjoy doing that. A person can’t focus on two different directions at a time with the very reason that, man should focus either to the positive or negative aspects.

Every individual has the ‘Power to Change’. A little effort to move the big mountain can demolish all obstacles before you, only with the strong heart to achieve it. Everyone can become a change maker with the little heart and a thought to inspire many with a practical reason for a cause. I never ask you to customize yourself to engage in any of the actions you were never heard or seen, practice the little things in your pure heart with a right reason to make the maximum.

Wise men say, right person, at the right time with the right decision makes the actions successful but the destiny is, these three are in different direction and rarely meet each other. In order to make the most effective and memorable action in life, start making sustainable plans which remains in the world even after you wash out. One can live in good memories in the minds of others with the strong start up and structured reasons, then the whole world will follow you with the right spirit.
If you wish to make a memorable living in the hearts of others, get in touch with us to sponsor a child or take care of the educational expense of a child, your little effort will be ever valued and recognized by many.

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Live with passion

The purpose of life is to achieve the maximum with limited skills. The passion in each person justifies the reason for every action and the outcome reflects the action carried to attain the passion. The unmemorable acts nourish a person’s thought to do even better with the prior experience.

Everyone has a strong passion for something in their life and often the weak passion is lived by them, which paralyze the will of a person to act or react to the situation but the strong passion urges for strong and focused actions. Such strong passion inspire oneself and others to carryout multiple factor activities in the realm of mind.

Passion is present in our day today life. If we could take a ‘Slice of Life’ which caters the best moments of life and BOTTLE THEM to recap the golden memories with a melancholic smile on face during the crisis situations. If these miserable situations could overtook with the reflection of ‘Bottled memories’, which would definitely brings back the passion to ‘Be the Best’ of all.

During the Annual Sports day at Banyan Community School, the enthusiasm of each team member in appreciating and encouraging the fellow players in striving for the success was with the best effort. The passion of each students who had least opportunities to grow and develop athletic characters in their life situation had an internal passion to explode the maximum during each competition. The quick thoughts invoke the spirit into action and show off the talent of the students. The annual sports day was an occasion to understand the energy, creativity and passion in participating and taking the team with spirit and fun. They are a role model for each one of us to encounter all the situations with hardcore Passion and Action.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Inspire and be inspired

The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, and to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

While I was reading through few feedbacks from the volunteers from a renowned college, few insights strike me, though not shocking. The comments were on the level of satisfaction after undertaking the social responsibility project and the enthusiasm to continue the support programs through other non-profit or voluntary organization. The first experience has made an impact in the thoughts of young vibrant youth.

While we focus a lot on self-improvement, it keeps inspiring me, an important part of living is to be happy and fulfilling life includes being part of close-mend community actions where you can share, help and support people you care about. It also includes being kind to strangers, and learning to replace desire and anger with understanding and empathy. While rendering service to others, the inter personal inclination that exist in each one of us awakes in to endow with service to others.

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in fixing your own life that you forget about helping others. And while it’s important to put yourself first sometimes, it’s even more important to help others whenever you can.

Being generous isn't even always about humanity – becoming more generous and compassionate will have real tangible benefits in your own life. While serving others with your little support, spending time with them, sharing the ideas and knowledge, one not only growing brighter and higher but taking others along with their journey.

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Monday, 9 February 2015

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

When the children from stone quarries started coming to Banyan Community School, 70% of children found under weight and low energy during school activities. The school management identified that it was because they were not having enough nutritious food from family. As the parent’s leaves for work early in the morning and returns to quarry at the sunset, the children’s nutritional needs are not properly taken care. The low earning capacity of parents also affected the three time meals of the family. Moreover the alcoholic habit of parents after the long hours of work in stone quarry left nothing behind for them to save for the next day. Therefore the children will not get sufficient food and later the child turns into malnourished. 

When we started the Banyan School project, we understood the need to provide nutritious supplements to children. The supply of nutrition powder improved the health of each child day by day and the outcome was monitored through monthly health check up. We have also experienced that more number of children are tend to be present on every Mondays because they are getting proper nutritious diet after two days of leave.  

During the initial monthly health check-ups at school, doctors diagnosed that there is huge numbers of children are malnourished. Now, we are proud to say that after the continuous nutritional support, all the children at Banyan Community School are free from malnourishment. We are maintaining a health chart for each child so that the growth and their needs are easily identified.

Lovedale Foundation focused to provide multidisciplinary approach to the children from vulnerable background. We are not only concentrating education but the holistic development of the children. Quarterly parents meetings and individual counselling programs are organized with the help of professionals and like-minded volunteers, and clarified the doubts of each parents and encourage them to continue their support in sending their children to school.