Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Why are we alone?

                I am not passionate about why these many kids are know by the name ‘ORPHAN’ but I am doubtful about the treatment of these children in the society. Every day the numbers of orphanages, the enrolment in orphanages are increasing, along with the reasons to be an orphan. Is it because of their destiny or are they born to be orphan? Would they be ready to born if they are aware of the fact that they are gonna be called as ‘ORPHANS’ throughout their life?

            When I write this article, many stories glimpse in my mind about the stories I heard from different people and experienced the life situations of many. ‘Parents are always a blessing for one who do not have any and often children who hesitate to listen to the parents are mostly feel like, why can’t they be bit more soft to me unlike my friends parents.

                Unlike any other child, few qualities I observed from the children are, they are adjustable to any harsh and soft situations and have the will power to face any difficulties. As an individual we can provide everything such as accommodation, comfortness, living facilities but not a ‘Father or Mother.

                As kind hearted individuals like us can have an attitude of support, care and love and openness to accept who they are and what they are and willingness to support them to brings more life to our ‘Happy Life’.

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