Thursday, 4 December 2014

The real heroes

Smile - many words, many expressions, many interpretations, many faces but only one feeling. Anybody can become a hero, millionaire, celebrity but the real heroes always stand behind the Curtain. We all are born to meet a purpose drawn by Him, few of us serve it gently, others make it their way and few of them go against it. But the inborn potentials remains within them to do justice to  the work. When you feel to lift your single finger to help a person, your heart prepares you to carry him, when you feel to give some thing to a man, your mind prepares you to buy something, or search your pocket for few coins, when you handover a things to a needy person do not stop your heart to think further more for a second donation. The moment you feel that you have done your duty, you are unknowingly becoming blind to many things in the world. It can be affection, sadness, love and belongingness. Your gentle touch, presence for a moment or a small amount of money can make a huge difference in the lives of many. Wen you complain about one thing, there would be people sitting with zero's and smiling at their problems. It's difficult for a person to laugh at his failure or loss and make others smile, because each human beings are born with limited capacities. But the smile you made on an unknown person may not be recognized by many but a single smile conveys a lot.

If you agree with my thoughts, share this with your friends, if not, comment your views, and let the world know different interpretations for 'smile'. 

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