Friday, 9 May 2014

When The Corporate Treadmill Stops

Recently, while with a group of young people at ServiceMax, a corporate office in Bangalore to discuss about the ways in which they can pitch in through their csr activities for the children at The Banyan Community School, I realized a shift of energy of the people in that "Meeting Room" as we started getting a little deeper into the presentation; from serious corporate strategies and logical lateral thoughts that they were used to, that would come straight from their head, they were sitting around smiling and thinking like children long lost in memories of their childhood as they drafted plan after plan to engage and entertain the children that seemed to flow straight from their heart. 

At times like these, I humbly bow to these wonderful souls who despite running a rigorous corporate treadmill find time to get in touch with the softer, calmer and sensitive side of their souls to ensure a lingering smile on the faces of children they hardly know.

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