Saturday, 19 April 2014

Marching Forward

As we are in the process of setting back systems, policies and codes in place, a new team gears up taking up various roles and positions at LDF with fresher ideas, missions and goals to achieve; each day at LDF is packed with energy engaging with people and their dreams-for themselves as well as the organization. 
The thrill of adventure in the young and the bliss of achievement in others is something worth watching as the team grows filling up with professionals flowing in from diverse cultures and a diaspora of traditions. They say there is something magnetic about LDF that attracts people to work with us and I do stand to witness it and testify the same. 
As we carefully select the team to ensure that they are not just passionate in words yet also in action, I look forward to seeing a fuller team that will support one another and have the joy of working together in a place that looks forward to put back the smile in every child's face.
In the pic. Children from The Banyan smile with a new hope during a program that connects them to a part of the world that appreciates and accepts them better. Pic. courtesy: Ms. Jeny Verma.

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